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When should I book my session?

The best time to schedule your maternity shoot is toward the beginning of your third trimester, from around 30 to 34 weeks, when you have a noticeable baby bump but before you are too uncomfortable and risk going into labor before the photoshoot is complete. If you are further along we can still do the photoshoot, and modifications will be made as necessary. Be sure to book as soon as possible to ensure availability.

What should I wear to my maternity session?

I have a beautiful collection of flowing maternity dresses, wraps and accessories in sizes small through extra-large. You are welcome to wear your own clothing if you prefer, and I encourage you to bring any special accessories, ultrasound photos, baby shoes or anything that is special for you and your baby. I also have pretty pastel dresses for girls ages 2 through 12. Men and boys should wear collared shirts without wrinkles and their hair and beards should be well groomed.

What will I receive?

You will receive the hand edited high resolution photos to use as you please. Some of the photos will be in black and white format as the style lends itself well to birth photography. A slideshow with pictures from your birth set to music is optional.


When will you be available?

I will make myself available from 37 to 42 weeks. If you go into labor beforehand or afterward, I will make my best effort to be there, and if I cannot attend I will try to arrange for another photographer to be there.

What happens if you can't make it to my birth?

I work with local birth photographers as backups in case I have conflicting births or cannot make it for some other reason. In the case where a backup photographer's services are utilized, I will edit your photos and deliver everything to you.

What do I need to do to prepare?

If you are planning to deliver at a hospital, please make sure photography is allowed. It would be a shame to find out at the last minute that pictures are not allowed at your birthing facility.

What will you do in the event of a C-section:

In the event of a C-section where only one other person is allowed to be present and you choose someone other than myself, I will hand my camera to the person who will be accompanying you along with a quick tutorial of the automatic settings, and I will plan to take pictures of you and the baby after the operation to the extent that that is possible.

Where and when will you arrive?

If you are planning to have a hospital or birth center birth, I will plan to meet you at the place you intend to deliver when you are in active labor. That will usually be when you are dilated to about 5-6cm. If you are having a home birth, I will plan to arrive when your midwife arrives. If you would like to have some early labor photos at home, I can usually arrange to take some for an additional fee.

How long will you stay?

I will plan to stay from active labor until at least 90 minutes after baby has arrived. If labor has stalled and I have already been with you for a few hours, I may leave and return once labor has picked up again. I will stay for an hour or two following the birth to capture special first bonding moments and the first latch, if desired.

What equipment do you use?

I use a professional grade Nikon camera (Nikon D5) with 85mm and 35mm prime lenses for birth shoots. I have backups for all my equipment and have my camera set up to take duplicates of each photo on a secondary memory card for redundancy.

Will you use flash photography?

My equipment has excellent low light capabilities, and I can shoot an entire birth in candlelight without a flash, as flash can be very distracting for some laboring mothers. Any decisions about flash photography are made during the pre-birth consultation. In cases where flash is desired by the mother, I use minimal flash power and bounce the flash over my shoulder to reduce any distraction.

When should I book my session?

The ideal time to schedule a newborn photography session is when baby is between 4 and 14 days old. I recommend booking your session as early in your pregnancy as possible to ensure availability. I ask that you contact me when you go into labor and again once the baby is born so I can plan accordingly.

Where will my newborn session take place?

The type of newborn session you choose will determine the location. Lifestyle newborn photoshoots take place in your own home. Milk and herbal postpartum as well as studio newborn shoots take place either in my studio, or in your home for an additional fee.

Will you provide all clothes and props?

For studio newborn sessions, I will provide everything you need, including outfits, backdrops, props, lighting and equipment. If you have any special accessories you want included such as a special stuffed animal, a piece of jewelry or name blocks, you are welcome to include them as well. Lifestyle shoots in your own home do not require any special outfits and props. For postpartum milk bath and herbal bath sessions, I will provide a lacy dress for the mother, as well as milk, herbs and ornaments.

What can I do to ensure a productive newborn session?

Please make sure the baby is well fed but not overfed about 30 minutes before we begin taking pictures. This will ensure the baby is content and sleepy, and easily posable.

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