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My fascination with photography began as a young child when I discovered that a moment could be frozen with all the emotion surrounding the original circumstances. The magical period of carrying my daughter in my womb, having a home birth and meeting my little girl for the first time are some of my most cherished memories, and I found myself drawn passionately to capturing those early moments for families to treasure for years to come.

Sharona Steed, Debut Photography
Sharona Steed, Debut Photography

When I provide a mom a set of compelling and beautifully captured photos from the birth of her child, I feel that I have not only photographed the deep connections between a woman and her spouse and all the raw emotions and sensations in the labor room. I know that am also empowering a future generation of women who will get to see images that normalize childbirth. Perhaps I will inspire some little girl to be as strong as her mother was the way I was as a young child seeing photos of my mother giving birth to me.

In addition to birth photography, I also provide maternity, newborn and family photography services in Orange County, CA.

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